Mines ParisTech and Fontainebleau and Gâtinais biosphere reserve coordinate an inter-disciplinary school programme named « Génération biosphère » which is open to all primary and secondary schools in the approved by Unesco territory. This programme promotes inter-school projects on transdisciplinary themes of sustainable development with intergenerational and intercultural exchanges. The aim is to discover the land around us in all of its components. The coordination provides technical and scientific support and mobilizes partners to encourage teachers and students in building a collective knowledge-base. For example, partners chosen among the elderly (council of
elders, inter-age university ...) bring a vision that allows intergenerational change the look, see the difference as wealth. The global network of biosphere reserves allows for cultural exchanges with other parts of the world. 2012 was the 7th edition of « Génération biosphère » with the annual report-out day which brought together 500 children from 10 different schools. 

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